This is the stereo version of "Elektroniks", a triptyque originally realized as quadraphonic music.

The three pieces that form Elektroniks are: "The Mind", "Acqua 21" and "E mille nasco".

All music composed and realized by Carlo Matti


released December 27, 2010

Produced, recorded and mastered by Carlo Matti in 2010, at Casemate Studio, Pontecurone (Al), Italy.

"The Mind" is performed by:

Cecilia Bernini, mezzo soprano;

Lorenzo Guacciolo, guitar;

Marco Ferrari, laugh;

Carlo Matti, synths, church organ, Yamaha CP80, upright piano, pots, terrins and all the rest.

"Acqua 21" is performed by:

Carlo Matti, grand piano (recorded in Assisi, Auditorium della Cittadella), baoding balls, glass bottles;

Carlo Robotti, voice;

Chiara Giacobbe, violin;

Folco Fedele, drums;

Gea (my neighbour's dog), barks;

Mother Nature, rain.

"E mille nasco" is performed by:

Alice Fabbri, oboe;

Andrea Imelio, electric bass;

Emiliana Iliani and Marco Ferrari, spoken voices;

Carlo Matti, synths, keys and all the rest.

The cover image is a photo by Anna Cattivelli

Released on: December 27, 2010

Label: Teriaky Records

Format: Digital album

Artists: Carlo Matti

Genre: Contemporary classical