Embark on a celestial journey with 'Zodiac,' where the path of Life unfolds in a mesmerizing circle, both an end and a beginning. Immerse yourself in the ethereal realm as the sound of celestial spheres becomes a tangible presence, allowing human perception to connect with the unending Life of the Universe.

Within each Zodiac sign lies a musical marvel, crafted on a mesmerizing canon by inversion. Picture this: one voice delicately 'sings' a melody from the first note to the last, intertwining seamlessly with another voice that 'sings' the same melody in reverse, creating a musical journey where the end seamlessly merges with the beginning.

As you delve into the individual sign pieces, experience the subtlety of the canon by inversion skillfully woven into the orchestration. However, the real celestial spectacle awaits in the thirteenth piece of the album, aptly named 'Zodiac.' Picture twenty-four voices harmonizing together, breathing life into the twelve canons by inversion of the individual signs. The melody of each sign rises and falls, mirroring the cosmic dance of the zodiacal constellations, until it gracefully fades away.

Let 'Zodiac' be your musical odyssey, an invitation to explore the intricate and enchanting harmony of the universe. Tune in on Spotify and let the celestial symphony captivate your senses.

Released on: January 21, 2022

Label: Raighes Factory

Format: Digital album

Genre: Classical and neo-calssical