The Zodiac is a circle, the end and the beginning. Here the sound of the celestial spheres become audible, and the human perception touches the unending Life of the Universe.

Each piece of Zodiac is built on an canon by inversion: a voice "sings" a melody from the first note to the last, intertwined with another voice that "sings" the same melody from the last note to the first. The end is the beginning.

In the pieces dedicated to the single signs the canon by inversion is hidden in the orchestration. Instead in the thirteenth piece of the album, entitled "Zodiac", twenty-four voices simultaneously sing the twelve canons by inversion of the individual signs.

The melody of each sign increases and decreases until it almost disappears, to imitate the rise and fall of the zodiacal constellations.

Released on: October 29, 2021

Label: Raighes Factory

Format: Digital Single

Artists: Carlo Matti

Genre: Classical and neo-classical