The Legend of the Guitarist Cat

In an infinite library, among corridors that lose themselves beyond the horizon of words, resonates the echo of the ancient music of the Guitarist Cat. Where does it hide? What is its true identity? Following the flight of imagination, a curious traveler will lose themselves in a fantastical and surreal world of adventures, mysteries, deceptions, and extraordinary revelations. Will they be ready to risk everything to find the hidden meaning of the music?

A profound narrative, rich in surprises, for those who can listen with their hearts.

The text is accompanied by QR codes that allow the audience to listen to the original music, composed by the author, which intertwines with the narrative and is not merely an accompaniment to the reading: it is the musical voice of the Guitarist Cat, an irreplaceable part of the narration. Notes speak a language and tell a world that words cannot express.

The Legend of the Guitarist Cat is a story dedicated to music, made of music, written for all musicians and music lovers.